100 year anniversary at BuLu – Speedmaster XL 106

BuLu Celebrates 100 Year Anniversary and Puts Into Operation One of the Most Modern and Largest Sheet-fed Offset Printing Machines Worldwide.

Just as BuLu’s 100 year anniversary is approaching, we are also celebrating the purchase of a new machine: the Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 106-5-LYY-P-5-L. What makes the Heidelberg Speedmaster special is the fact that it prints both sides at the same time as well as coating both sides of the sheet printed. “95% of our order requests are for coated printing on both sides of the sheet, which is why the Speedmaster and its configuration and fitting is perfect for us” describes the CEO of BuLu Christine Schwarz-Fuchs, “we have waited a long time for this.” An 8 or 10 colour machine without a coating function is the norm, but this kind of machine does not make sense for BuLu because the majority of our customers have asked for printing with coating. With the Speedmaster XL 106 with LPL technology companies can expand their competitive abilities. Christine Schwarz-Fuchs, CEO of BuLu, also believes that this machine will allow the business to continue expanding.

Since 2000 the company has shown enormous growth and has more than doubled its employees. The company goal for this year is to gross 13 million Euros. With the installation of the new machine another 6 employees have been hired in the sales, pre-press and finishing departments. Because of the new machine, BuLu can now expand its printing capacity and take on the necessary orders from abroad. With an already impressive export rate of 50% it is now attainable to satisfy our increasing demand from aboard. Currently, our clientele is predominantly German however BuLu aims to expand into the English speaking market in the near future.

The Degree of Automation Makes the Difference

Since January 2013, when the Speedmaster XL 106 began operating, BuLu was able to become part of the exclusive group of owners. In Europe there are only 5 machines of this caliber that are installed in companies. The LPL technology will be a challenge when making adjustments between print material, print colour and varnish however we can overcome this obstacle with our professional printing team, ensures Christine Schwarz-Fuchs. “Our printers are looking forward to the new Speedmaster XL 106 and I believe that they will get the maximum benefit from the new machine.” The printing team will be supported by the new machine which will be able to print up to 15,000 sheets per hour, the Heidelberg XL will also come with an extensive automation package. This package includes Autoplate XL for fully automatic and simultaneous plate changing and the inline colour measuring system Prinect Inpress Control, which measures and controls the colours while the machine is running. An important component of the whole package is the Prinect Pressroom Manager which means that all print machines are networked, and it becomes a control centre in the pressroom.

Due to Heidelberg’s high degree of automation and integration the company was able to beat its competition. Aside from the increase in efficiency the LPL technology allows more finishing options then other machines allowing companies to excel in the marketplace.

Carbon Footprint

Protecting the environment is one of the most important components of our company’s philosophy. The Speedmaster XL 106 is equipped with an environmental package, which reduces the carbon emissions in our current operation. Additionally there is rear cooling with heat recovery which will provide heating for the entire office, this should save approximately 26 tonnes of CO₂ emissions annually. At Buchdruckerei Lustenau we are taking a step further by balancing the emissions which have occurred during production. The manufacturer of our new machine, Heidelberg, has created a program supporting the environment by taking efforts to eliminate our company’s carbon footprint. Even the carbon footprint caused by the creation of the machine and transporting it here to Austria (509 tonnes of emissions) was neutralized thanks to a charitable caused sponsored by Heidelberg. The Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 106 is one of the most important machines to come to Austria and is one of the first climate neutral machines to be sold in Austria. Christine Schwarz-Fuchs exclaims, “It is a very important step to strengthen thinking about the environment within the entire production chain and keep our carbon footprint neutral.”