On April 18th 2018 Buchdruckerei Lustenau (BuLu) was honoured for the forth time with the GREEN BRANDS SEAL, a first for an Austrian Company. At the end of April Römerquelle will be the second Austrian company to achieve this accolade also for the forth time. Christine Schwarz-Fuchs, Managing Director of BuLu, received the award from Norbert Lux of GREEN BRANDS in the presence of Lustenau´s Mayor Dr. Kurt Fischer, who commended BuLu for their countless efforts towards environmental protection.

Recovering Waste Heat from Printing Presses to Heat the Office Space

Over the years Buchdruckerei Lustenau has set itself and achieved ambitious sustainability targets and strives for continuous improvement. Norbert Lux of Green Brands stressed that BuLu, in addition to an already exemplary standard, continues to make a conscious effort and significant steps towards environmental protection. One example is the heating of the office space, which exclusively uses a heat recovery system from the printing presses. In addition the waste heat from the compressors is fed into BuLu´s system, meaning that the company runs almost entirely independently of fossil fuels.


GREEN BRANDS is an international, independent, unaffiliated Brand-Marketing Organisation with headquarters in the „Green Isle“ of Ireland. Green brands awards the GREEN BRANDS SEAL to brands and companies in everyday life that show from their core a dedication to increasing public awareness of sustainability, environmental protection and a healthy lifestyle.