The prestigious award for their environmental contributions.

BuLu is the First Printing Company in Vorarlberg to Receive EU Eco-Label Award

Environmental minister Berlakovich presented the top four printing houses in Austria, including Buchdruckerei Lustenau (BuLu), with a European eco-label award on July 8th, 2013 in Vienna. The companies have received the prestigious award for their environmental contributions. In addition to the Austrian eco-label that BuLu was awarded in 2010, the company now also has the European eco-label. The “EU Eco- label” is accepted by all European countries. Products and services which are approved by the EU eco-label meet the environmental requirements for all of Europe.

“Eco-Label companies are the best examples of modern and successful green economies. They are able to create a sustainable economy and be successful without forgetting about the environment” explains Berlakovich during the gala in Vienna. Eco-Label guidelines not only push product development but also offer reliable consumer information and facilitate ecological sourcing” the Environmental minister pointed out.

The EU Eco-label was founded in 1992 by the European commission. Before, only products would have an EU Eco-label but more recently services can also be branded with the EU Eco-Label as well. Only products and services with less environmental effects can achieve this label. With the EU Eco-Label the end consumer should have the opportunity to identify more environmental friendly and healthier products and services.