Another award for environment protection

In addition to the Austrian eco-label, FSC, PEFC and carbon neutral printing, we are delighted to receive another award for environment protection: GREEN BRANDS

This award pays tribute to the company as well as its products, services, initiatives/campaigns and personnel, who are notably aware of their responsibility for the environment.

GREEEN BRANDS operate in an environmentally friendly manner, always taking into consideration the shared responsibility for the conservation of natural resources and committing themselves to greater preservation and the natural equilibria.

GREEN BRANDS contribute greatly to both the environment and nature. Either they are evidently and successfully concerned about the sustainability of their actions since they first came into being or they have recognised the need to explore new methods of environmental management.

Buchdruckerei Lustenau is the first Vorarlberg company to receive this award.

Unlike with other awards we were “chosen” to receive the title i.e. we were nominated in a poll, based on our involvement in environmentally friendly and sustainability activities thus far. In the next round of the awards process the strengths and weaknesses of our environmental management system, sustainability, business policy and energy policy were evaluated in a questionnaire of more than 30 pages. The judges’ feedback was very positive, “BuLu’s commitment, dedication and execution are very impressive”.