In the fifth attempt, the stresses and strains of the BuLu Cycling Team have been finally rewarded with the 1st place at the RADIUS cycling competition. Despite 93 rainy days with cumulative 796 litres per m², hurricane-like storms with (perceived) 103 kilometres per hour, bicycle theft, shoulder and pubic bone fracture, pneumothorax, a decimated starting field could prevail over the strong competition in a photo finish. The jubilant team captain Christine Schwarz-Fuchs would like to thank her team and speaks of a ‘great team performance where really every single kilometre counts.’ After a pompous team celebration on 23rd November, the training for the title defense in the next season will start immediately.

Fact Box Bulu Cycling Team

—> …more than 21,050 km covered by bicycle

—> …saving of nearly 3,700 kg of CO2

—> …burned at the same time over 648,400 kcal !!!