BuLu – Austria’s Most Climate-friendly Printing Company

Environmental protection is an important part of our company profile and has always been a matter of great concern. During the construction of our new company building in 2000, it was therefore important to focus on environmentally friendly technologies. Thus, our building was built on 430 energy piles, deeply rooted in the soil. Our innovative energy pile system is unique in our region and allows us eco-friendly heating in winter and cooling in summer. We also use the waste heat from the printing machines to supply hot water.

The aim of protecting the environment is, of course, continued in our production. Our printing machines are equipped with “green printing”.  All paints, varnishes and other materials have also been assessed for their environmental impact and if necessary have been replaced with environmentally friendly alternatives.

After an internal ranking BuLu was designated Austria’s most climate-friendly printing company due to the various environmental protection measures.

First employee survey topic ecology (2017)

How important is protecting the evironment and sustainability for you personally?
How important is it for you to work in a ecological oriented company?
To sum up, how do you evaluate all our activities and measures in general?

FSC® / PEFC™ Certificates

On the basis of FSC® and PEFC™ certification our company is authorised to display the FSC® and PEFC™ seal on our print products, because the origin of the wood is indisputably traceable and has been thoroughly examined. For our customers this guarantees a sustainable source of products purchased, while also making a beneficial contribution to the environment. Upon customer request we can attach these logos to their print products so that their own customers can see that the paper is a product of sustainable forest.

NatureOffice (since 2009)/ Climate Partner (since 2013)

BuLu offers carbon-neutral printing through natureOffice and ClimatePartner. Both belong to the top service provider for climate protection and support for all companies to balance their CO₂ emissions through climate protection projects and environmental projects. We consider it a matter of great concern that our certificates for carbon-neutral classification, that is to say the various climate protection projects which we are involved in, must fulfil the highly-respected Gold Standard. The Gold Standard is a quality seal, which not only provides for a reduction of CO₂, but also the socially responsible integration of the climate protection project into the region.

myclimate (since 2021)

We have the pleasure of informing you that Buchdruckerei Lustenau GmbH together with a Swiss climate protection foundation is now offering “climate-neutral printing”. With this offer, you can easily and quickly calculate CO2 emissions of your print order and offset them. This way, your print order is climate-neutral.

Position yourself as a future-oriented company and take responsibility for your unavoidable emissions. Communicate your commitment with a credible and transparent label and set yourself apart from your competitors.

We have chosen to work with myclimate, the renowned and best-known non-profit Swiss foundation with a pioneering role in climate protection, for various reasons. myclimate develops carbon offset projects itself. A broad portfolio of Swiss and international projects is available. myclimate is regarded worldwide as one of the leading offsetting providers in quality segment. Its carbon offset projects meet the strictest quality requirements (CDM, Gold Standard). Transparent and effective use of funds is guaranteed: As a non-profit organisation, at least 80 percent of the offsetting funds flow directly into climate protection projects.

We and myclimate will be happy to answer your questions.

Austrian Eco-Label (since 2010)

In 2010 we were awarded the Austrian Eco-Label by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management, which honours products and businesses that are environmentally responsible while still maintaining an exceptional degree of quality. BuLu switched the type of ink, varnish and detergent they use, in order to meet the ecological, health and quality requirements for the Austrian Eco-Label.

EU Ecolabel (since 2013)

As the first Vorarlberg  printer  BuLu was awarded the European environmental sign for fulfilling   international environmental standards.

The EU Eco-label was founded in 1992 by the European commission. Before, only products would have an EU Eco-label but more recently services can also be branded with the EU Eco-Label. Only products and services with less environmental impacts can achieve this label. With the EU Eco-Label the end consumer should have the opportunity to identify more environmentally friendly and healthier products and services.

Green Brands Award (since 2011)

GREEN BRANDS produces in an eco-friendly way and always acts with regard to their own shared responsibility for the conservation of the natural basis of life, while committing themselves completely to preservation and the balance of nature. The award, along with the seal, honours businesses, products and services, initiatives, campaigns and personalities who are especially conscious of their ecological responsibility. The Buchdruckerei Lustenau is the first company in Vorarlberg to have received this award.

BuLu certified for “Premium PSO” (since 2014)

Since decades our clients have appreciated the high standard of quality, which has always been one of the main focuses of the Buchdruckerei Lustenau (BuLu). To proof this high quality of print production in “black and white” with a certificate, our staff has completed a two-day Premium-PSO-Packet instruction course with a following certification.

*If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.