BuLu certified for “Premium PSO” from now on

Since decades our clients have appreciated the high standard of quality, which has always been one of the main focuses of the Buchdruckerei Lustenau (BuLu). To proof this high quality of print production in “black and white” with a certificate, our staff has completed a two-day Premium-PSO-Packet instruction course with a following certification.

The aim of our company was the conversion and the daily use of this concept. Thereby we reviewed the qualified colour management, the print proof, the making of the plates, the setup of the print job, as well as the printing itself. Straightaway the BuLu was able to pass successfully the “Premium-PSO Certification”. For this purpose deviation and fluctuation tolerance as tonal value increases have to be held constantly as well as the spread with the OK-sheets and the printing. This varies from the normal PSO certification.

After the successful audit program the BuLu received a certificate and an appropriated logo. This document represents externally the quality capability and internally it ensures the smooth production. The main point for the company was not only to receive the certificate, but also that all members of the staff internalize the concept. Therefore all parties were trained previously by “print quality”.

The Process Standard Offset printing (PSO) is the description of an industrial oriented and standardised method in the manufacture of printed matter. Thereby a qualitative collection of data up to the finished print job can be assured.