Full-service and state of the Art know how:

We guarantee the quality of all our printed products: folders, brochures, catalogues, leaflets, packaging, books, posters, notepads, labels and small print articles such as envelopes, stationery and business cards. Recently, we have also specialised in IML (in-mould-labels) and alphanumeric coding.

The all-round service we offer to our customers is the secret to our success. Quick  response times, flexibility, and comprehensive professional expertise are some of the characteristics of our workplace – and because we print in three shifts all that happens around the clock!


The best road to perfection

The pre-press is the initial point and a central element of the printing process. With great sensitivity, and accuracy, our pre-press technicians apply their skills, which are supported by our high-tech machines. State of the art technology supporting re-conversion and data check as quality standard. Storage of all data of printing jobs guarantees a consistent high level of quality.

The advantage: high performance printing products due to a higher account and edge sharpness of half -tone dots.

Despite efficiencies generated by modern technology,  the relatively large size of our pre-press team mean that they are available and happy to discuss graphic and technical details with our customers.

Editor: Trust is good, control is much better!

Our editor at BuLu reads through all print jobs thoroughly, corrects mistakes and also pays attention to consistent spelling. This service has sometimes saved some of our customers from embarrassing errors.


Perfect combination of high tech and craftsmanship

Colour profiles are transferred via computer to the printer, the printer then using a scanner does the fine-tuning. Modern technology is, therefore, a vital factor in the printing industry. Equally important, however, are well-trained and educated printers, who bring in their experience, know-how and their trained eye in the printing process in order to ensure brilliant colors and print results.

At the last stage cross-linked machines bring high levels of efficiency and low rates of error into the production process.

Printing equipment and set-up is another key driver

Latest generation printing machines, LPL-Technology and automatisation software enable high speed and quality. All printing equipment is centrally controlled by Prinect Pressrom Manager. AutoPlate XL fully controls simultaneous plate changing, whereas color and accuracy is monitored by CPC 24/32 and Prinect Inpress.

Our “Green Printing“ set-up reduces emissions, waste and resource usage to an absolute minimum

Our printing equipment

  • Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 106 – 10-colour + 1 coating unit before and 1 coating unit after the perfecting unit format 75 x 106 cm, extended delivery especially for dispersion coating

  • Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 106 – 8-colour + coating unit, format 75 x 106 cm, extended delivery especially for dispersion coating


Quick and affordable print solutions for low volumes

For single items, small batches or large format plots
short-term or long-term solution
effective eye-catcher and aesthetic staging

Material choice, refining and processing optinos (including lamination, fold, margins etc. ) are entirely up to you.

  • water, weather and  UV-proof
  • Easy de-assembling and storage
  • Through overlap technology, the end product is not format-bound
  • Best suited for various sheet format posters
  • Laminating on different materials such as aluminium, glas, Alu-Dibond and plastic
  • Flexible print for mobile presentation
  • Fast and easy handling
  • Professional digital photography, photomontages, photographic reports, retouchings, colour matchings, digitisation
  • In-house  photographic studio or on location

Storage, logistics and dispatch

Our entire print production process is characterised by flexibility and speed. These qualities are maintained throughout transport and dispatch of the products. The optimal location of Millennium Park and with its convenient highway access makes BuLu the ideal location logistically. The company’s own delivery vehicles, proven and reliable delivery partnerships deliver the finished print products to our customers, fast, punctually and without hassle.


Crucial Points!

Design and manufacturing qualities best supporting any content.

Perfect cuts, folds, stitches and bonds finalise the desired print product. With the fold in the right place, perfectly cut, punched, stapled, glued and wrapped, it transforms into a handy brochure, striking packaging or an elegant business card. With die cutting, scoring and perforation an extraordinary print product can be created.

BuLu is well equipped to deal with all requirements and special requests of our customers,with an extensive partner network, when it comes to further forms of processing. Our sister company, Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach, is an important partner in the field of packaging and labeling.


  • 1 Bobst die cutter SP900E-180T

  • 1 Heidelberg Tiegel incl. hot foil stamping

  • 2 Heidelberg Cylinder

  • 1 Heidelberg Cylinder incl. “Steuer” for hot foil stamping

  • 8 Stahl folding machines with round pile feeders (non-stop folding) / pallet feeders, suitable for up to 8 letter-fold, concertina folds or zigzag folds (up to 8 folds), roll folds as well as double-gate folds (multiple parallel and transverse folds are possible)

  • 1 Multigraf Touchline creasing and folding machine

  • 1 Heidelberger saddle stitching machine ST 400 + 1 Heidelberger saddle stitching machine ST 450 (both machines for normal stitching and loop stitching)

  • 1 Müller Martini perfect binder „Alegro“ with automatic adhesive monitoring system, spine glue application with PUR and side glue application with PUR

  • 2 Polar guillotines

  • 1 SITMA auto wrapping machine

  • Gathering machine

  • Coding system, with various print heads for alphanumeric coding

  • Foil welding tunnel

  • Variety of small machines, such as tab/index cutting machines, drilling machines (for holes of 3-12 mm in diameter), corner rounding machines, a gluing workshop, hand stitching machine and binders, hand scoring machine.