The entire building, built on stilts.

BuLu was chosen as the most attractive production location and the concept of creating an attractive working environment has been realised. In September 2009 the trade magazine “Deutscher Drucker” (“German printer”) held the competition for ‘the most attractive production location’ with photos from 31 companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and nominated three favourites: the Buchdruckerei Lustenau, the Laser Line Digital Printing Centre in Berlin and Terminic GmbH in Bremen. Readers were then able to vote for their favourite.

The jury stressed that the “out building”, which the BuLu team moved into in 2000, fitted well into the surroundings. The entire building, built on stilts, has plenty of light due to the numerous windows, therefore offering a bright working environment throughout the enterprise.

The materials of wood, metal and glass in the entrance hall match perfectly. The skylight above the reception area allows natural light to flood into the foyer making it the focal point of the scene.

Numerous skylights in the wooden roof above the production area highlight the attractive coloured floor, thus creating an inviting atmosphere.

The “Deutsche Drucker” readers’ vote was completed in early October for “the most attractive production location competition” and Buchdruckerei Lustenau was elected as the winner. Bulu not only enjoyed the honour of this award but also the additional prize of having the photo of their location printed in the print buyer magazine »Versio!”.

We, the Bulu team, not only wishes to thank the many readers of the magazine who voted for us but also the architects and the whole construction management team who were responsible for the inspiration and implementation of our amazing company building: Oskar Leo Kaufmann, Albert Rüf ( And Johannes Kaufmann (